Live fluid grid example

The default Bootstrap grid system utilizes 12 columns.The fluid grid system uses percents instead of pixels for column widths. It has the same responsive capabilities as our fixed grid system, ensuring proper proportions for key screen resolutions and devices.

[columns grid=”yes”] [column_item col=”4″]Fourth[/column_item] [column_item col=”4″]Fourth[/column_item] [column_item col=”4″]Fourth[/column_item] [/columns] [columns grid=”yes”] [column_item col=”4″]Fourth[/column_item] [column_item col=”8″]Seventh[/column_item] [/columns] [columns grid=”yes”] [column_item col=”6″]Sixth[/column_item] [column_item col=”6″]Sixth[/column_item] [/columns] [columns grid=”yes”] [column_item col=”12″]Twelfth[/column_item] [/columns]
[columns grid="yes"]     [column_item col="4"]Fourth [/column_item]     [column_item col="4"]Fourth [/column_item]     [column_item col="4"]Fourth [/column_item] [/columns ] [columns grid="yes"]     [column_item col="4"]Fourth [/column_item]     [column_item col="8"]Seventh [/column_item] [/columns] [columns grid="yes"]     [column_item col="6"]Sixth [/column_item]     [column_item col="6"]Sixth [/column_item] [/columns] [columns grid="yes"]     [column_item col="12"]Twelfth [/column_item] [/columns] 

Fluid offsetting

Operates the same way as the fixed grid system offsetting: add offset="1->12" to any column to offset by that many columns.

[columns grid=”yes”] [column_item col=”5″]Fifth[/column_item] [column_item col=”6″ offset=”1″]Sixth offset 1 [/column_item] [/columns] [columns grid=”yes”] [column_item col=”6″ ]Sixth [/column_item] [column_item col=”5″ offset=”1″ ]Fifth offset 1[/column_item] [/columns] [columns grid=”yes”] [column_item col=”7″ ]Seventh [/column_item] [column_item col=”4″ offset=”1″]Fourth offset 1 [/column_item] [/columns]
[columns grid="yes"]     [column_item col="5"] Fifth [/column_item]     [column_item col="6" offset="1"] Sixth offset 1 [/column_item] [/columns] [columns grid="yes"]     [column_item col="6"] Sixth [/column_item]     [column_item col="5" offset="1"] Fifth offset 1 [/column_item] [/columns] [columns grid="yes"]     [column_item col="7"] Seventh [/column_item]     [column_item col="4" offset="1"] Fourth offset 1 [/column_item] [/columns]